3 Ways Laser Treatment Can Help Your Skin Look Its Best

Advances in medical tools and techniques have facilitated great leaps forward in many areas of patient treatment, including both medical and cosmetic dermatological care. One of these advances, laser technology, has made cosmetic skin procedures quicker, easier, and more comfortable than ever before.

If you would like to undergo a particular kind of cosmetic procedure but shrink away from the prospect of major surgery or short-term treatments that require constant repetition, you should learn more about laser dermatology services. Here are three such options to consider.

1. Spider Vein Removal

Spider veins appear as tiny clusters of red or purple lines that often emanate from a central point (like the legs of a spider). These veins may occur during pregnancy or in association with natural age-related changes, obesity, extended standing, and other circulatory challenges.

While spider veins don’t do serious harm, they can leave you feeling embarrassed about your mottled skin. Dermatologists have traditionally removed them through methods such as sclerotherapy, the injections of substances that create scar tissue and cut off the vein’s blood supply.

People who cannot have sclerotherapy (because of allergies to the chemicals used) can achieve the same results through laser therapy. A handheld laser heats and seals off the veins quickly and effectively. For deeper or larger veins, the laser passes through an injected needle.

2. Tattoo Removal

Many people have proudly sported a tattoo at one point only to regret having the same tattoo later on. If you find yourself in that situation, you may have resigned yourself to living with your tattoo or tried to cover it up with another tattoo. Traditional removal techniques such as dermabrasion can’t go deep enough for optimal results.

Laser technology has made tattoo removal a more successful venture. The laser beam penetrates the outer skin layers to reach the ink without cutting or scraping the skin. Quick bursts of laser energy heat up the top side of each ink particle while the underside remains cool. The thermal difference destroys the ink particle.

While laser tattoo removal produces much less skin damage than traditional techniques, it can still prove uncomfortable. Your dermatologist may recommend that you take an over-the-counter pain reliever before your appointment or apply a local anesthetic to the skin. You may need multiple sessions to rid yourself of your tattoo.

3. Wrinkle Reduction

Skin naturally wrinkles over time as it loses some of its hydration, thickness, and elasticity. Sun exposure, smoking, and other lifestyle choices may accelerate the development of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. If you wish to remove fine lines and wrinkles without undergoing a facelift, laser resurfacing can help.

Your dermatologist will recommend a specific type of laser treatment to suit your skin’s particular needs. If you wish to get rid of fine lines around your mouth, for instance, a laser can do this by removing the top layers of skin, exposing smoother skin beneath. This technique can also remove warts, scars, and other blemishes.

Even an advanced method such as laser wrinkle reduction may involve some post-procedural healing and recovery time. If you want to minimize this kind of downtime, ask your dermatologist about fractional laser toning. In this technique, the laser beam splits into thousands of smaller beams, each smoothing and tightening a fraction of skin.

To ensure the most satisfactory results from a laser skin treatment, follow your dermatologist’s pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions carefully. For example, you may need to give up smoking or get underlying conditions such as diabetes (which can affect skin healing) under control before your first appointment.

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