Vein Treatments

Facial Vein Treatment and the Excel V®

“The tendency to develop spider veins on the face, also known as telangiectasias, is often hereditary,” explains Dr. Roper. “Other risk factors include unprotected exposure to sun and extreme weather conditions. Facial veins are especially common in individuals with a condition known as rosacea. Not necessarily related to aging, facial veins can appear at any age – even children can be affected. Whatever the cause, the appearance of enlarged veins on your face can be discouraging.”

The good news: Facial veins can be treated with advanced technology using several laser systems designed specifically to erase facial veins.* And only our physician, Dr. Roper, performs these treatments.

“The Excel V Laser is an excellent treatment for facial veins , spots and redness, incorporating the 532 nm and 1064 laser wavelengths to gently pull facial redness, veins, and spots off the skin”, states Dr. Roper. “The Candela VBeam Laser, the Gentle Yag 1064 laser and the Iridex KTP 532, are also excellent lasers for my patients with facial veins and redness, requiring no preparation and minimal post-treatment care,” states Dr. Roper. “the 532 nm and 1064 nm laser emits a continuous wave light which passes through a crystal and is selectively absorbed by the deep red hue of the hemoglobin inside the vein, sealing the vein without bruising.” “One can safely combine these lasers in the same appointment in order to decrease the number of treatments that are needed to obtain maximal results for redness and veins”, explains Dr. Roper.

“Patients can come into my office, have this treatment done, and go back to work or go shopping. Also this can be combined with the Excel V® or the Candela V-beam laser to remove background erythema for patients with rosacea, and the Excel V® or Candela GentleYag laser for the deeper blue veins on the face and veins in hard to treat areas. I usually recommend at least 2 treatments for best results.”*

*individual results may vary

*individual results may vary

Laser Leg Vein Therapy & Sclerotherapy

*individual results may vary

*individual results may vary

Dr. Roper has over 25 years of experience using sclerotherapy for treating superficial leg veins, and sees wonderful results combining the sclerotherapy procedure with laser leg therapy to achieve maximal results.

Treatments are enhanced by wearing sheer prescription support stockings for 1-3 weeks following the procedure. Normally, a minimum of 2 treatments per leg are recommended for best results, depending on the size, length, diameter, and number of veins that you have.* Dr. Roper uses the Excel V® 532/1064 Laser and the GentleYag 1064 laser for hard to treat veins and deeper blue veins on the legs, and occasionally the Candela VBeam pulsed dye laser. The Excel V® Laser and the GentleYag 1064 laser can also be used to treat blue veins on the face, hands, arms, legs, etc. Arrange for a consultation with Dr. Roper, and you will be detailed on the recommended treatment schedule that your leg veins require.

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