Active FX™ & Deep FX™ Laser Treatments

Active FX™ and Deep FX™ is a fractional laser procedure performed in a single treatment with a minimal 4-8 day downtime, depending on the intensity of the procedure, which can be customized for each patient’s needs and available downtime. This procedure utilizes unique CO2 technology to treat the skin in a fractionated pattern, which results in immediate skin tightening, as well as removal of fine lines and brown spots.* Only one treatment is necessary, which is equal to multiple treatments of other competitor lasers.
The Deep FX™ laser has been demonstrated to be the most effective treatment for scars with one treatment, and is the ‘gold standard’ for treatment of burn scars, as well as other scars, such as acne scars, surgery scars, accident scars, etc. There is minimal pain associated with the procedure, and you can drive yourself home. After the prescribed healing time , you will be able to wear makeup and/or sunscreen, and go back to work and your daily activities.*


Active FX™ Eyelid Treatment

*individual results may vary

Active FX™ Face Treatment

*individual results may vary

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